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Hot Yoga


Hot Yoga is the most populair form of hatha yoga. Hot Yoga is doing yoga in a warm space. This form of yoga consists of a sequence of yoga postures that trains all the muscles of your body. Because of the warmt you will start to sweat and will loose your body toxines. Your body will be cleansed and you will loose weight too. Hot Yoga lowers the blood pressure, deminishes back pain, injuries and exercises the respiratory and circulatory systems. Hot Yoga gives you balance, power, flexibility and energy!

You do not have to bring your own yoga mat, but do not forget to bring a big towel. Wear tight clothes like short pants and a top. Drink a lot of water before you start and take a water bottle with you. Do not eat at least an hour in advance.

Thursday night from 20 until 21.30 hrs

- trial class: 10 euro (the first class is free when you subscribe for 10 classes within a week)

- 10 classes (12 weeks valid) 100 euro

Apply via application form on the home page.