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Welcome to Coco Bliss!

Yoga is the base of my existence and my passion! This passion was awakened when I joined a classic hatha yoga class from my yogamaster Martyn Hoogstra. His classes exist of a fluent movement (flow yoga) of intensive and strong yoga postures, meditation- and breathing exercises, also named as power yoga. In the meanwhile I am already for years one of his pupils in the Netherlands and India.

I did a workshop with Danny Paradise, the yoga teacher from Madonna, who showed me that yoga belongs to all cultures and keeps the mind and body young. I also had workshops from the famous American yogini Ana Forrest and yogi David Life from the Jiva Mukti centre New York. I followed Master Classes by the international famous yoga teacher Dona Holleman. She thaught me not only to emphasize the spiritual aspect of yoga, but also to give attention to the anatomic of the body while teaching. Martyn Hoogstra and Donna Holleman are both trained by B.K.S. Iyengar, the founder of the modern yoga.

I graduated as a yoga teacher at Mudra, School for Pregnancy yoga, guided by Tanja Secrève. I did my pregnancy yoga teacher training by Greetje Schaap at the Birth Centre of Amsterdam. Tanja and Greetje are the experts in pregnancy yoga in the Netherlands. I am trained as a kids' yoga teacher by the famous kids yoga teacher Helen Purperhart, the founder of the kids yoga school Jip & Jan in Almere. Helen is known from television, magazines and her Chidren's yoga adventures books and cds. Helen brings colour and energy into your kid and yourself!

Massage is also very important to me, so I have it integrated in my classes. Massage has opened me more and made me more conscious about life. In India, the homeland of yoga and ayurveda (Indian health science), I specialised myself in the ayurvedic massage and got my diploma. I can not live without music and dance, so I have often build in a dance element in my classes. Belly dance empowers and opens your chakras (energy centres). My belly dance teacher is the internationally known Yonina, who intorduced the belly dance in the Netherlands. I joined workshops from Rachel Brice, Mardi Love en Petite Jamila from the Belly Dance Superstars, Randa Kamel from Cairo, and the well known Egyptian choreochrapher Dr. Mo Geddawi.

Further more I studied Psychology, Business and Philosophy. I have been working as a trainer, manager of a child care centre, manager of a beauty shop, project manager of children television and head of marketing & communications of a childrens' film festival. In those years I discovered that I also wanted to develop myself more spiritual and to be more in my body in stead of my head. I started Coco Bliss, to devote myself to the yoga. I hope that I, together with the yoga, can guide you to get more balance, more self-confidence and self-consciousness in your daily life.

I also work as a coach and consultant. I make coachings sessions tailor made to help you solve questions on issues like life, career, relations, childeren, parenting and fertility. I followed a course for idividuale coaching, I worked as a trainer, coach and consultant and I am a real life expert myself.

If you want some more information about the classes, courses, workshops, retreats or coachings sessions, see the information on my website, call or mail me (see contact).