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pregnancy Massage

Massage relaxes the mind and body!

Through massage, a combination of touch and warmth, you receive more of the hormone endorphine in your body system. This reduces the feeling of stress. It gives you a peacefull and relaxing sensation, eases the muscles and lowers the blood pressure.

Massage can be done with or without oil. Most of the times a soft neurtal oil, like almond or extra virgin olive oil is used. The (pregnant) belly, buttocks and upperlegs can be massaged to keep these flexible and to reduce striae. Oil can be blended with a scent (rose, lavender or vanilla). In the first three months of the pregnancy do not use scenses. For pregnancy massage one uses a soft caressing massage.

Massage opens, relaxes, reduces pain, stimulates the blood system and gives energie. The most important is awareness and attention.

Private massage 45 euro per hour. 60 euro for 1,5 hour.

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For more information: info@cocobliss.nl